Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Thanks for stopping by.  Grab a glass of wine and some chocolate and take a walk with me.  Or at least entertain me by reading my blog.  It is sure to entertain you, at least that is my hope.  I encourage you to read  it with an open mind and an open heart.  

I am a woman walking my chosen path of life.  It has been a long and winding journey thus far.  Certainly not at all what I expected or envisioned when I was younger.  There have been beautiful vistas, numerous rocky, muddy and miserable sections of the path, steep hills and a crevasse I thought I would never find my way across.  It has led me to and through love, loss, learning and eventually to a path of light and love.  There has been a long, cold, gray winter that I feared would last forever that has finally evolved into the new growth of spring.  The color has returned to my world.  The warmth and light has returned.  Love, light and laughter fill my days.    I seek truth, wisdom and peace.  I'm learning to have more fun!  Chocolate of course, is my drug of choice because as a working mom of two growing boys and an angel, I have a *wee* bit of stress.  I invite you to share my journey in the  hopes my experiences may help someone else along their path.  

My intent is to share my journey and my experiences in the name of personal and spiritual growth and learning.  It's called Love, Light, Laughter and Chocolate because in my 42 years on this planet, I've learned I need all of those things to live!  As simple as it sounds, it was a long, painful journey to discover that.

I've been itching to write again.  I've never blogged before and I've been in a, shall we say, experimental phase lately.  I've been journaling for years, albeit intermittently.  I've written a few articles for publication, mostly about birth, safety or spiritually related subjects.  I have presented at conferences on the same. I have several books in my head and even a few begun on paper, mostly of a spiritual nature and all incomplete.  I have no time to pursue any of it.  Life keeps getting in the way.  

So why this and why now you ask?  Excellent question!  Perhaps it's because I clearly don't have enough to do already!   It's clear that Facebook is not the vehicle that leans itself to what I need or want to write.  Because if I write, I don't have to deal with the pile of laundry on my bed.  At least not right now! Ah, joyous procrastination!  

In all seriousness, it's because it's simply time.  This is right.  This is what I need to do now.  It hit me last night like the proverbial ton of bricks.  Several friends have begun to blog and it has inspired me to join the party.  To be heard.  To have a place to get all these random musings out of my head and down somewhere where maybe, just maybe, someone will happen upon it, read it and find it to be exactly what they needed at this point in their own journey.  At a minimum, perhaps it will help me along in my journey.

Thus, I write for me, but also for you.

I do hope you will stop by now and again and let me know what you think of my musings.

May love, light and peace be with you today and always.