Sunday, February 3, 2013

Destination: Manifestation

Ever want something and wonder how you were going to achieve it?  Especially when the odds seem so tremendously stacked against you?  Do you talk yourself out of it by saying things like you are too busy, it costs too much money, is too hard, or that you don't have enough time, or that you are not smart, strong, or good enough?  Are you embarrassed to admit the things you really want?  Are you afraid of failing if you try to achieve it?  Are those things really true or just excuses?

They say nothing worth having ever comes easy.  Or does it?  Perhaps it's the way we choose to go about pursuing our goals, not our goals themselves, that are the true barrier.  If we desire it, we can have it.  But how?

I've pondered this periodically over the course of my 40-something years on the planet, but no more intently and introspectively than I have as of late.  I've thought about it, meditated on it, asked the Universe and listened for the answers within my heart and soul.

The answer?  Ask for it.  Expect it.  Live it.  Believe you are worthy and capable.  Actively manifest it.  Focus all of your energy on it actually happening.  Live your life as if it has already happened or with the expectation that of course, it will happen!  Manifest, manifest, manifest.

By committing to it.  Wholly and unconditionally.

I've wondered how exactly do I go about this.  Do I prioritize my dreams?  Do I give up some for the sake of others?  Then, I wondered, why can't I have it all?  At the very least, why can't I expect to have it all?  I am worthy for sure!

Here is what I got from my inner wisdom:

  • Forgiveness
  • Be positive.  In outlook, in energy, in words and actions.
  • Dream big
  • Meditate
  • Ask for it.  Be specific and detailed.
  • Seek opportunities to make it happen
  • Make informed choices.  Every choice influences the ultimate outcome
  • Don't let fear get in the way.
  • Surround myself with what I want and what I need to manifest and obtain my goals
  • Find and clear the energetic blockages to manifesting my dreams and desires
  • Practice gratitude
  • Stay focused
  • Baby steps.  Do something toward each goal every day.
  • Daily attention to manifesting.  It can be brief.  Just do it.  
  • Trust my intuition
I am reminded by one of my favorite quotes of all time.  From the amazing Wayne Dyer.  "Your intention creates your reality"  It really does.  

So I started by making a list of all the things I want for my life, myself and my family.  I started a manifestation board on Pinterest.  I'm working on the things on the list above where they need to be applied. I am trying to live more consciously and be more aware, grounded and connected to my higher self and purpose.  

First off?  A family vacation.  Overdue and much needed.

Next?  A balance of physical and mental health.  Exercise.  Get back into running, Yoga, Reiki and meditation. Pursue my metaphysical interests, become a renewed student of spirit. 

Included in that is a bucket list item. This girl, who hated to run once upon a time, and still really can't say she enjoys it, is committing to the 2014 Disney Half-Marathon.  At best, I've only run a 5k so far.  I've got a year to train.  My sister and a good friend are doing it with me.  I'm looking forward to it.  I know I can do it, I just need to do it.  I am tapping my inner pixie and totally running in a Tinkerbell costume!  How does one run a half marathon as Tinkerbell?  You follow the second star to the right, of course.  Eat my pixie dust!  :-) 

What else?  Well, there are classes to teach, seminars to give and books to write.  Pursuing my dream job. There is eating my way through Italy, cruising Alaska back to back, several weeks in Hawaii and taking the kids on a cruise to the Caribbean.  And so much more. 

I WILL manifest my dreams.  Will you?

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  1. I want to run a half marathon too. 2014 sounds good to me too ...Tinkerbell ? Maybe a pink fairy to fundraise for breast cancer.
    I am committing to it step at time and on my treadmill right now.