Saturday, March 2, 2013

The healing power of sound

Sound healing resonates with me.  Pun intended.  :-)

Last night I attended a workshop on the power of sound at the Robin's Nest in Bellingham.  It was facilitated by Jenna and Doug Greene of Greene Lady Music.  Doug is a gifted percussionist and Jenna has the voice of an angel.  They have such a beautiful energy about them.  Check out Jenna's albums and sample the music on her Web site.  I recommend a listen to the affirmation chant.

This workshop focused on the use of Tibetan and crystal bowls and one very mighty gong.  One of the crystal bowls was tuned to the vibration of the solar plexus chakra, the lovely place where we hold our 'junk'.  The other, tuned to the third eye chakra, our inner wisdom and place of intuitive knowing.  Added to the mix was chanting, which in it's own right, is a powerful healer.  Especially when coupled with intention and affirmation.

Sound healing has always been a powerful vehicle for healing for me.  It is for most people.  Think about how you use music or sound in your life?  What sorts of music do you listen to when you are sad, angry, stressed, happy?  What instruments do you play or like to listen to?  How does music affect your mood or make you feel on an emotional as well as physical level?  Ever pay attention to that?  Ever wonder how it works?

It's vibration.  When you sing, it's vibration.  When you speak, yell, chant or use your voice, you create vibration.  It can be a vehicle for release as well as for healing.  Adding intention amplifies the effect on you and those around you.  Think about it.  How do you feel when someone yells at you or speaks negatively about you or someone you care about?  How do you feel when you are the one using negative tone of voice, words or volume? How about when someone uses a soft, loving voice and says positive things to you or about you?  How do you feel when you are the one speaking in a positive manner and using positive words.  They are two very different feelings, quite literally mind, body and spirit.

Your entire body vibrates, right down to your DNA.  Certain areas of our bodies vibrate at different rates.  We can change the vibration to cause positive (or negative) change.  Sound is energy.  There are a bunch of research out there that shows the power of sound and intention on everything from how water molecules form and plants grow to how our bodies get and recover from dis-ease.  Gregg Braden has written about and made a YouTube video about the Science of Miracles and it speaks to the healing of tumors and other medical ailments using sound and intention.

Muddy or negative energy is low vibration.  It bogs you down.  It manifests physically as dis-ease and emotionally as stress, anger, depression, anxiety or perhaps apathy.

Positive energy is high vibration.  It lifts you up.  It makes you shine and sparkle.  You feel lighter, happier, capable, confident and more at peace with yourself and your life.

Your intention can change your energy.  It can change your life.

Since most physical ailments are rooted in the emotional, music or sound therapy/healing also provides for an alternative therapy if you will to resolve physical symptoms as well.  On the physical level, I walked in there tired, stressed and with a headache that I've had all week.  By the end of the 2 hour workshop my headache was gone, I was grounded and centered and felt like I'd slept for days.  I was full of energy and felt more in balance than I have in a while.

On the emotional level, music or sound provides an opportunity for release of that which no longer serves you.  You can purge the negative, heavy thoughts and energy that literally bogs you down and let it go.  Then you can use sound, intention and affirmation to bring in and create a more positive, healthy and happy state of well-being.

Recently, I've been more drawn to chanting or using my voice as a healing tool.  I am NOT a confident vocalist.  I hate the sound of my own voice.  I love to sing, I always have, but I'm pretty sure no one wants to hear it.  Thus, I generally sing when I am alone in the car.  Loudly.  :-)  I love to express how music makes me feel through dance and movement. This I am more comfortable with.

As I've expanded my awareness and experience of metaphysics and modes of healing over the years, I've become more drawn to chanting.  The sacred and safe space created by the community of people who are drawn to the alternative and healing arts provides an environment in which we all feel comfortable experimenting with and embracing our gifts and expressing our needs.  Slowly, I've found my voice, I've experimented with sound, I've found chanting to be grounding and a source of stress relief.  Most chants are coupled with affirmation or intention.  Sometimes I just listen to them, for instance when I run.  It's meditative.  Sometimes I chant along with them.  I notice the vibration within my own body that is created by the different sounds I make.  It's fascinating.

Last night we were able to use the power of sound, affirmation and intention to release and heal ourselves and then used focused intention and energy to facilitate others in their healing.  It's a powerful experience.  Almost tribal in nature.  When guided by the powerful vibrations of the crystal bowls and gong along with the vocalizations of Doug and Jenna, it was easy to 'get into it'.

As I continue my spiritual journey, I was reminded that I end up in the right place at the right time for the right reasons, even if it is not what I thought I needed or wanted.  Last night was necessary for me on many levels.  I didn't really *get* that until I was there.  I went because I actually had the ability and time to and I love The sound of crystal bowls.  At least that's why I thought I went.

In actuality, I went because that was exactly what I needed to process some emotional  and physical 'baggage'.  It provided a vehicle for a release I desperately needed. It provided an opportunity to shift my thoughts, energy and affirmations to continue to focus on the intention to manifest the balance I seek in my life.  It wasn't the crystal bowls I needed.  It was actually the powerful sound and energy of the gong.  It was the beautiful sounds of Jenna's voice singing affirmations.  It was the chanting from my soul that cleared some of the muck and brought in the light.  It was being a part of that tribal community for just one night for the greater good of those who needed to be there.

Everything happens for a reason.

Being mindful of the sounds in your life is something we just don't do.  If I sit and listen right now what do I hear?  The hum of my computer.  The wind chime outside and the tiny one on my desk simply from the vibration created as I type.  I hear a bird singing outside.  The cat snoring in his bed on my desk.  The click of the keyboard keys as I type.  What I thought was silence, is really a bunch of 'white' noise I edit out.

It's fascinating how much you notice and learn when you actually pay attention.


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