Friday, August 9, 2013

Walking in the rain.

This morning I woke to the sound of a gentle rain falling.  My cat nuzzling my chin.  I smiled.  I placed a hand on my heart and another on my solar plexus and did a little self Reiki.  I pondered a walk in the rain, but motherly duty called.

Fast forward a few hours.  The kids are at camp. I am sitting quietly at my desk.  I feel energetically stuck. Down.  Blah.  A bit overwhelmed at the tasks that await on my to do list.

The rain continues to fall. It's a gray day, but there is something warm and comforting about the low cloud deck.  It's almost like a hug, like a bit of the Divine coming closer to the earthly plane.  There is a stillness and a sense of peace that comes with the rain.

Water is cleansing.  Not only in a practical sense, but in a spiritual sense as well.  Rain is water from the sky. A gift of Mother Nature.  It is nourishing as much as it is cleansing.   Rain quenches the thirst of the earth.  It facilitates growth.  In a way, it also soothes the soul.  Nourishing us by offering our own cleansing and opportunity for growth and renewal.

The rain is falling harder now.  As if to agree with me.  I feel called to go outside.  Strongly.

Please stand by...

I had a lovely, leisurely, barefoot walk in the rain!  It was meditative.  The feel of the wet earth beneath my feet was grounding.  I even jumped in a few puddles!  :-) The water falling on me gently was like kisses from the heavens.  Slowly washing away the negative energy and debris from my aura.  The sound of the rain so soothing.  Something about the rain and the gray skies make everything that is green seem somehow more vibrant.  Peaceful.

As I walked, I encountered the scenery I do everyday, but today I noticed it more. I literally stopped to smell the roses.  I paused and observed a mother turkey and her babies cross the road ahead of me.  I observed the cows in the pasture, near the stone wall, munching on a shrub.  Picture perfect.  He looked at me as if to ask why I was standing in the rain when I was wondering the same thing about him.

I heard birds singing and the guinea hens squawking.  Mostly, though, I heard chatter in my head.  I consciously focused instead on the sound of the rain, the feel of it on my skin.  I noticed I got colder, the wetter I got.  Oddly, it didn't bother me much.  My hair got wet and eventually, dripped into my face.  Instead of wiping the water from my eyes, I closed them and turned my face toward the sky.  I stood.  Arms outstretched, face to teh heavens. Bring it, Mother Nature!  She did!

I am back now.  Somewhat reluctantly, actually.  I pondered throwing a towel over me and lying in the lounge chair on the deck in the rain.  Apparently, I need a lot of cleansing!  Now I sit.  Hair curly and damp. A warm cat purring in my lap.  I feel more grounded, calmer, more at peace.  I feel as if I could sit with a cup of tea and just gaze out the window all day.

Maybe I will...

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