Wednesday, October 30, 2013

NaNoWriMo - for reals

Last year, I participated in my own personal version of NaNoWriMo.  Instead of writing a book, I wrote a daily blog post.  The challenge was as much about finding the time to write every day as it was about finding content to write about every day.  No word counts.  No rules.  Just a personal challenge.  It was not easy, and I think I missed a day or two, although I made them up and made all 30 posts.  Despite everything that attempted to get in my way, I met the challenge.  It was not always easy to find the time or the mojo to write, but it was empowering and confidence building.  Hopefully, my readers also enjoyed it.

This year, it's for reals.  Yep.  I signed up to officially participate in National Novel Writing Month in November.  The official writing begins November 1st and ends November 30th.  The goal?  50,000 words.  In case you are wondering, I did the math.  A daunting 1667 words per day is what needs to be done.  If you miss a day, guess what.  Twice as many!



I'm trying not to panic.  Looking at the calendar, I know there are at least a few days where it will be damn hard to find the time to write 1600 words.  I also know, once I get into it, I may not want to stop.  Sleep is for the weak, right?  ;-)

So why the hell am I doing this?  Especially when also in the final weeks of half-marathon training and the depths of a dearth of daylight.  Well, if you've followed along here for a while, you know I've been strongly guided to write a book.  While NaNoWriMo is really more geared toward fiction novelists, my book is non-fiction. It doesn't really matter.  Having the support of a writing community and some accountability, even if it's only self-imposed, is helpful.  It's something I've wanted to do for years and something the Universe is strongly calling me to do now.  I.  Must.  Write.  This.  Book.  In fact, I did an Angel card reading for myself with a general "What do I need to know today?" question and guess what card came up?  Yep.  Books. 'Your life purpose has to do with writing'.  I swear, I don't make this stuff up!  Validation?  Me thinks yes.

I've been trying to write for months. Not only the book, but I have many blog posts I'd love to pen and literally no time. Something always comes up.  Appointments, sick kids, other commitments, work, lack of focus, too many other things to do that are required to keep this family and household functioning.  They are real, and important for the other areas of my life and growth, but if I'm ever going to get this book written I need to consciously make the time to do it.  That has been made abundantly clear. When I do get in the groove, I could go for hours.

Although I would love the ideal situation in which to write (quiet, uninterrupted time for at least one full day each week, ideally, an entire weekend or week), it's not going to happen and, well, I do need to work and be mommy and attend to all of those related responsibilities.  Until I find me a chef and chauffeur or clone myself, I can't run away to write.

Thus, NaNoWriMo is my shepherd.  Meggie is my muse.  The rest is up to me.  Hopefully with a little help from Spirit and the Universe, by the end of November, I will be well on my way to fulfilling a dream and an important part of my soul's purpose on this earthly journey.

Wish me luck, focus and abundance of time!  I might need it!


  1. Good Luck! I am trying to find you and add you as a buddy...You should be able to search for me at jjlund... Good Luck!

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