Sunday, November 17, 2013

Nurturing the Soul

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If you are reading this, you are likely part of my tribe.  Our tribe.  You know, like-minded people who have an interest in spirituality and metaphysics on some level.  We are not always understood or even taken seriously let alone accepted for our beliefs or practices because they are often 'different'.  That makes us, 'different'.  Of course we know we are all one, but if everyone 'got' that, the world would be a different (and much more peaceful) place.
Yesterday I had the tremendous gift to be able to spend the day with 'my people'.  There is an annual spirit fair of sorts here in Massachusetts called the Natural Living Expo.  It's sponsored by Spirit of Change, which is a free monthly newsprint magazine devoted to topics of spirituality and metaphysics and a way for local practitioners to advertise.  They have a Web Site and Facebook Page if you want to check it out.  I've attended a few times before.  It has grown tremendously in it's 7 years and this year it was huge, encompassing 2 full days!  Sorry skeptics, this 'weird stuff' is alive and well!
Admission was a mere $12 for the entire weekend!  The first 200 people received a gift bag with goodies in it from Cedar's Foods and there was also a sample bar where there were a bevvy of natural food and product samples as well.  Aside from the literally hundreds of exhibitors, there were a huge variety of free 50 minute lectures on everything from healthy cooking to past life regression to homeopathy and many psychic development lectures including mediumship and angel communication.
Headliners put on 2 hour lectures for a fee of $35-45 including John Holland, Gabrielle Bernstein, Marilyn Taylor, Will Tuttle and the amazing Matthew Sanford.  An evening concert by Wah, was also offered.  Many of the exhibitors were doing demonstrations, selling everything from books and divination or oracle card decks to clothing and crystals and so much more, even aura photography.  Others were offering free mini massage or energy healing.  Others were providing readings or energy healings for a small fee for 15-20 minutes.
I intended to stay for the day.  I was meeting some like-minded soul sisters and very much looking forward to some 'me' time, attending to nurturing my soul.  We spend so much time, especially as mothers and those in helping professions, nurturing others, that we forget to practice what we preach.  I set aside this day for me.  It was wonderful.  I am grateful for the opportunity.
I had asked the Universe to guide me and for the gift of abundance.  It began by winning a free admission!  I arrived early and sat quietly in line, reading John Holland's book for 45 minutes and chatting with those around me.  It was nice to be able to walk the exhibition floor before it got too crowded and take it all in.  I decided to have a reading with a card reader/medium.  Most of what she said resonated with me and that is likely a separate post.
The first lecture I attended was on homeopathy and natural medicine.  What an informative hour!  Burke Lennihan is an RN and CCH.  She gave away copies of her book, Your Natural Medicine Cabinet.  I strongly recommend it.  The information is simple and fascinating and could quite possibly keep you and your family healthy and flu and virus free and tame allergies inexpensively,  naturally and quickly!
As luck would have it, the second lecture I wanted to attend was in the same room.  It was about Integrated Energy Healing and the Violet Ray of Angelic Healing.  The speaker was Michelle McCarthy and what a loving and peaceful presence she is!  She led us through a heart centered energy healing with the angels of the Violet Ray.  The love was palpable in that room.  The experience was so healing, bringing about a sense of peace and love but also energy.  I need to learn more...
Next up, lunch!  I met up with my soul sisters and one had brought us the gift of lunch! Another answer to my request for abundance.  No need to spend money on lunch! Mother Nature provided for an absolutely gorgeous November day.  The skies were sunny and the temperature was near 60!  We had a picnic on a patch of grass together and talked about our experiences of the morning.  Perfect!
My afternoon was filled with a 2 hour gallery presentation/reading by John Holland.  He is the second psychic medium I've seen in a gallery style reading.  There were 400 people in attendance and it was sold out.  I was seated next to a good friend, who is also a medium and it was fascinating to see her and John get the same information at times about the person he was reading.  What I love about John is he is real.  He has a very conversational, good friend, honest, living room style approach.  If he's reading someone and the information is not fitting, he apologizes and moves on to the 'right' person.  There was always a right person. I was stunned at how detailed and accurate his readings were.  He also explains along the way how he gets his information and came to do what he does.  The energy in the room was also fascinating to read.  Afterwards, he did a book signing.  I waited in line with my friends and we all had items signed by John.  He made a point of having a brief conversation with everyone he signed for which was nice.  Although I tried my best to shield myself, I left his session feeling a bit energetically tired and very, very thirsty.  Ah, the curse of the energetically sensitive and the empath...
We headed back to the expo hall because we were late due to waiting for our book signing and the next sessions we wanted to attend were already full.  Some of us parted ways with hugs and love and my cousin and I wandered the floor a bit then realized it was snack time!  We sat by the food court and chatted for a good hour.  It was great to catch up and connect.  Then we wandered the floor some more.  We happened upon a meditation coach, Will Raymond, who we chatted with for quite some time.  He offered some good insight and gave us each an autographed copy of his book, The Simple Path of Holiness.  Abundance abounds.
I tried to be very selective with my purchases, mindful of my need to be frugal.  It is a good exercise in that while there were many things I would have loved to choose (mostly crystals), I was very tuned in to only purchasing what I truly needed or that which strongly resonated with my spirit.  Aside from the one reading I did, I purchased only two crystals.  Neither of which I'd ever heard of before but oh, how drawn I was to them!  One is called Ulexite, which is one of the crystals that makes up Lapis Lazuli!  You really do learn something new every day!  The other is, would you believe I've already forgotten the name?  I really need a crystal for memory...  I also purchased a beverage charger from OrgoneIAM.  Based on the research of William Reich, they are supposed to transmute negative energy, including EMF, and protect the person from the negative effects.  They propose this can protect the body from the damage that can be caused by these negative energies and even cure/reverse disease processes.   They make jewelry as well as other items.  While I need to do more research, at the very least, their creations are pretty and the energy did resonate with me.
Lastly, I happened upon the art work of Melissa Harris.  My cousin kept telling me I should look at her watercolors.  I was not in the market for a painting, or greeting cards.  I glanced at the greeting cards.  My eyes immediately went to a painting.  I knew why she brought me here.  I needed that painting.  It was the most beautiful summation of my day and how I ended up on this path.  A beautiful story of love, earthy existence and spirit.  It was as if she painted it for me.  It's called Moon Magic.  It is a night scene with a young girl dressed in a flowing white robe, holding a glowing white orb, who appears to be running toward the sky, followed closely by a small cat.  It spoke all kinds of Meggie (my daughter) to me.  She came through in my reading this day. She catalyzed and kicked my ass onto this spiritual path and journey and it was as if she was saying, 'Hello mommy.  Now take this home and know it's OK.  Let my brothers know.  I really am a kitty angel'.  Melissa is a gifted artist.  I encourage you to visit her Web site.
The day was an amazing gift on so many levels.  I came home, suddenly exhausted.  Being surrounded by all of that energy all day left me feeling peaceful and balanced, but oh so tired.  My husband and boys were watching a movie so I went to bed to read.  I quickly dozed off.  My dreams were amazingly vivid and very spiritual in nature.  I journeyed somewhere wonderful.  I woke this morning feeling more rested than I have in a very long time.
Thank you, spirit, for the wonderful gifts of yesterday.  Thank you my soul sisters, for sharing this journey.  I think we all need to do this soul level nurturing more often!  Don't you?

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