Wednesday, January 1, 2014

T-7 days to Racecation, but who's counting?

Happy New Year!
One more week!  I'm going to Disney World to run a half-marathon in T-7 days!  *squee*
It's hard to believe in one week I will be in Florida for the WDW Marathon weekend!  Last year this was a whim.  Now, it's a reality!  The training is complete and I am now in taper mode.  My running costume is complete.  My packing list is made and pre-packing has begun!  The weather forecast looks fantastic for Marathon Weekend.  A bit warm for the half and the full from a runner's perspective, but hopefully dry and certainly not cold and snowy.  The fleece is out and the shorts and T-shirts are in!
I am nursing both an injury and a cold (and two sick children!) but am confident all will be resolved by the day of the race.   I should run 3 mi today but am taking it off to recover from both and let my body rest and heal.  I will instead do lots of stretching and some yoga.  I know I will finish this race and finish it well. Besides, I have pixie dust!   I will fly!  ;-)
tink costume
My Tinker Bell running attire.
I am very much looking forward to this challenge but I am also looking forward to a mini-vacation with the girls.  Our race-cation is mostly before the race.  It's a whole different experience doing Disney without kids.  I'm sure even more so doing it on Marathon weekend!  The energy of the parks must be so different with the vast majority of people there running or supporting a runner in one (or all) of the 4 races and/or the kids races.  The cast members must enjoy it as well.  The perks of running through the parks are exciting to a Disney fan, especially before they open to the public.  Running backstage, coming in cast entrances, running down the road through the entrance gate to the Magic Kingdom, running down main street, in the dark, to hundreds of cheering supporters and of course, running through Cinderella's castle and stopping for the obligatory photo op!  Running those magic miles as the sun rises, seeing characters along the way, and then running through Future World, fueled by memories of family trips where we walked down that same route 'belly-um-ing' (long story) in a line like silly folks for that last amazing mile and then crossing that finish line and receiving a medal for a HALF MARATHON!
The fact that I am also running for the Make-a-Wish Foundation with the WDW Radio running team and running to finish breast cancer with the Donna Foundation as a virtual runner makes it all that much more meaningful and special for me.  And of course, there is my own little pixie/princess who will be flying right along with me with her sparkly Heavenly wings.  She is the inspiration for my Tink costume for she loved Tink! When I hit the wall, it's all of these things that will get me right on over and through it.  I am blessed.
My daughter Meggie on her 2nd birthday in her Tink costume. She always wanted to 'fly in the sky'.
Then there is the fact we are vacationing and can leisurely enjoy the parks, seeing what WE want to see.  We can be fun and be silly.  We have a fantastic resort hotel in the Beach Club.  We can relax at the pool and play in stormalong bay or go for that last easy run.  We can park-hop with ease and whenever we want.  We already have our fast passes and can manage rope drop without having to get anyone else ready but ourselves!!  This will get us an extra hour of sleep easily!  We can drink and have cupcakes around the world, search for hidden Mickeys, and get OUR pictures taken with characters! We have ADR's at the Kona Cafe (carb loading with tonga toast!), Via Napoli (post race celebratory dinner) and Be Our Guest as well as the Pasta Party Run Disney puts on.  We have meet ups to go to and friends to meet and greet.  We can watch the fireworks and not have to carry anyone out of the park because they fell asleep.  Doesn't that sound glorious?
Racecation, here we come!  You only run your first half-marathon once.  I can't think of a better or more magical place to do it than at Disney and with friends and family!


  1. Hi Kimberly, Happy New Year! A friend posted one of your older posts about Meggie's death on Facebook today and it was a good reminder to me to secure all our furniture in our new home (we just moved two weeks ago and hadn't done it yet). Are you a member of CLIMB? I lost my 5.5 month old son, a twin, on Dec. 23 2011 when he died in an unsafe travel crib. I wanted to reach out because we have similar timing of our tragedies, and the loss of a twin. If you want to reach out to me, contact me off my website at and we can talk. Thanks for your writing and posts--they will save lives--and Happy New Year.

  2. This will be the first year in 5 that I haven't run WDW Marathon weekend. Have SO much fun! It is one of the BEST weekends ever!!!!!

    1. Thanks Ann Marie! Any insider tips for a newbie? :-)

  3. Have a great time Kim...start out slow...pace yourself (its easy to get caught up in the energy of the crowd and then find your are wiped out 3 miles before the finish.) Have fun!

  4. You will have an amazing time!!! I LOVE Disney distance races and have vowed it's the only place to do a full marathon (too boring anywhere else). Love your Tinkerbell costume. I came across your blog last month on the anniversary of your precious Megan. I know you will truly enjoy this race, take time, take photos, don't make it out as a PR race, way to much to see. If you are a fast runner and timing is not an issue, the characters you'll see along the route are great for getting your photo with. Enjoy the sites, you'll see areas never before allowed to see. I'll be thinking of you, looking like a warm race, hydrate and keep moving.