Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Manifest a-go-go

Happy New Year!

As I sit here on New Year's eve looking back on the past year, it is no surprise that I am feeling a bit under the weather.  I am tired!  Man, was I busy!

Last January I decided to actively manifest positive change in my life.  I wrote a post about some of my goals for 2013 in February Destination Manifestation.  Curious how I did?  I was, too, as I've not read it again until now.  My goals were:

  • Family Vacation :  Accomplished with 2 weeks in Florida! We had a blast and a much needed combination of relaxation and family bonding and fun.
  • Balance of physical and mental health: 
    • I started running more and went from running 3 miles to 13.6 and will run my first half-marathon at Disney on January 11th!  Holy crap, I did it! It inspired me to start a dedicated running blog, too!  I'm not sure what happened to me, but I am more fit than I've been in a long time and it feels good!
    • My husband and I danced.  A lot!  We had a blast doing it, too.  We've made some wonderful friends from the studio.  We 'graduated' Bronze 2 of the Arthur Murray Curriculum. We participated in a competition which was tons of fun and we performed a few 'showcase' dances during the year, including a very special one for Meggie at the Compassionate Friends Candle Ceremony of Remembrance just a few weeks ago.  We said we'd never perform or compete but apparently, we were mistaken! ;-) 
    • We spent quality time with friends although it's never enough. 
    • I connected more with my spirituality including practicing Reiki more, becoming a certified Angel Card Reader, and starting a spiritually minded blog/Web site Pathways to Love and Light and Facebook page .  I also attended the Natural Living Expo which was a wonderfully nurturing day for me.
  • Teaching and writing
    • Wow.  Yeah.  This.  I participated in NaNoWriMo and wrote over 57,000 words in that book I've wanted to write for 9 years.  It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be.  It was making the time and committing to it that was hard.  That goal (and the writing of the book) will carry over into this year to hopefully realize it's full potential as a published work by the end of 2014. The book is a combination of support and inspiration for bereaved parents and those who care about them and my and Meggie's story. 
    • I am still teaching CPR, First Aid and Safety classes locally and love it
    • I got a job at a local community college teaching adult education classes on metaphysical topics like energetic anatomy, working with crystals, space clearing, introduction to Angel Card Reading and coping with loss.  I absolutely love it. 
    • I continue to share Meghan's Hope, blog, maintain informational Facebook pages and share my thoughts in the hope it helps someone, somehow to be a better and safer person or work toward the greater good. 
  • New Job (the dream job)
    • While the job I had was wonderful, it was not the right fit for this time in my life.  The hours and demands were simply incompatible with the kind of mothering I wanted and needed to give to my boys and my need for work and life balance.  I was able to manifest a wonderful job working fewer and more flexible hours that has afforded me the ability to be there for my boys and my husband and to better balance my crazy life.  While not perfect, it is much better in many ways.  
I guess I didn't do too badly!  It's amazing what some clear intentions and determination can do along with asking for a little (specific) help from the Universe. 

So in continuing with the manifestation theme, tomorrow is a new day, new month and new year.  2014!  I like even years!  It's also a new moon!  What a wonderful energy for manifesting.  Out with the old, in with the new!  As I think about my intentions for the coming year, they of course begin with the usual.  Intentions for health, compassion for others, choosing love instead of fear and especially important for me, nurturing me and not overextending myself.  I'm bad at saying no and need to say yes to me and my family more and no to things that take me away from the things I love more. 

Many of my specific goals are continuations of this year's.
  1. Quality family time.  This year it's a cruise vacation that's been in the works for over a year with my husband, my boys and some friends.  We're all very excited about it!  My youngest son and I will also get some quality time together as he was invited to play soccer in Barcelona, Spain this year.  He and I will be the only ones from our family going due to the expense of the trip and the fact it was unexpected and not in the budget!  
  2. Continuing to stay active and healthy.  Aside from keeping up with running (although 10K is probably more my maintenance distance) and dancing, I know I need to make positive changes to my eating habits.  Eliminating foods that I am sensitive to and doing more menu planning and cooking are things I am being strongly guided to do.  This is not a diet resolution.  I have no need to lose weight.  I do need to eat more healthfully and listen to my body in terms of what it needs and what it doesn't like. THAT will be the challenge of this year's health goals.  I'd also like to get back into yoga and spend more time out in nature with my family.
  3. Have more fun!  I shall begin in a week's time with my trip to Disney with just the girls and the support of my parents and aunt for the WDW Marathon weekend.  We will eat, drink , run and play with the Mouse and his friends.  I'll dance in the rain, make snow angels and be all kinds of silly throughout the year.
  4. Write, write, write.  The book is 3/4 done in very rough draft condition.  I will finish it by the end of February and plan to self-publish with Hay House.  My goal is to have a printed copy in my hands by the end of October, but most definitely by Thanksgiving.  I will continue to blog as spirit moves me to do so.  I would like to participate in NaNoWriMo again this year for a different book!
  5. Teach, teach, teach!  My dream job is to be able to manifest all the abundance I need through teaching, writing and leading seminars/coaching.  I love to teach.  I love to provide support and guidance. I love to help people.  I know this is my calling.  This is a transitional year for sure. I will practice Reiki more and pursue my master teacher certification, I will give more intuitive readings, I will continue to teach the classes I love and attract the people who are ready for them to me. 
  6. Connect with friends and family more deeply and purposefully.  Life is short.  I know this all too well. My husband and I recently realized how easy it is to fall into the trap of living parallel lives and falling victim to routine.  Not only between us, but among friends and with our kids.  Communication and purposeful planning are vital.  One can't become complacent or make assumptions.  Yes, life is busy. Yes, there is always something else to do. There are priorities and they may well change day to day. But as the saying goes, life is about the moments that make it yours and meaningful, not about the time you have here.  Live.  Love.  Laugh.  Together. 
So although I may ring in the new year sound asleep, I will wake tomorrow and greet the new year with anticipation and focused intention.  I will charge my crystals in the powerful energy of the new moon and the new year.  I will hold a family meeting to set our family intentions and expectations for the new year.  I will take my homeopathic remedies (refusing to get fully sick), make a healthy family dinner and self-Reiki.  I will write.  I will greet 2014 with gratitude and optimism.  It will be a great year to manifest!

What will you manifest?

May your new year be filled with blessings of abundance, joy and love.  Happy New Year!

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