Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A twin-less twin and his inner metro-sexual

Sometimes kids just crack you up.  It's part of the joy of being a parent.

I sprung small boy from school today for a surprise birthday lunch and some shopping.  It was in part a practicality.  He's outgrown his pants and sneakers.  He asked to go shopping.  Yes, the boy LOVES shopping.  Especially for clothes.  Purple is the color of choice this season.  Lots of purple, peppered with black.  He had a blast.  He is happier than can be about his take from the stores today.  His most prized possession?  A Shaun White faux leather bomber jacket.  I swear to the Heavens he'd sleep in it if he could.  He saw it and OMG, if you could have seen his face!  "Mooooom!"  As he slowly walked over to it and ran his hands seductively over it, "I've always wanted a leather jacket!  Can I try it on?"  Stifling a chuckle, I said "Really?  Always?  Sure, try it on."  He slowly put it on and a smile that lit up his face and deepened his sweet dimples slowly emerged.  He hugged himself, strutted his model walk and asked me with hopefulness, "Can I get it?  Please?"

Photo: Someone thinks he's cool in his new faux leather jacket!
As you can see, the answer was "Yes."

Why is he so freaking adorable?!

His desire to be fashionable is amusing.  He likes 'dressy' clothes.  He insists on his longish hair.  His glasses (which he keeps forgetting to wear) are quite modern and 'hip'.  Far from the classic blue wire frames he sported last year.  He spent an extraordinary amount of time determining which deodorant and body wash he wanted after smelling each one and reading the descriptions.  He has already picked out his clothes for picture day tomorrow.  His purple plaid button down and new black jeans.  I suspect he may be wearing the new jacket, too!  He, of course, requested I select the purple background, instead of the traditional blue.

He will be 11 next week.  A twin-less twin, for his sister left us 8 years ago.  Sometimes I wonder what it would be like shopping with her.  I felt robbed of the mother-daughter shopping experience. I mourned not being able to shop for sweet little girl things. Boys don't typically care about fashion or looking good.  Then I think, maybe I am experiencing shopping with her!  Perhaps she is trying to help him get in touch with his feminine side.  Or, maybe he's trying to connect with her somehow.  Whatever it is, he sure seems to be embracing his inner femininity!  His innate fashion sense is impressive.  He's well on his way to being an accomplished metro-sexual!  One thing is for sure. He's gonna look GOOD!

He's sweet as pie, too.  He said to me, without prompting, "Thank you mama for buying me all these cool clothes.  I know it's expensive.  I appreciate it.  I love you.  Can we snuggle when we get home?"

Back off girls (or boys).  He's mama's boy for a while longer!  :-)


  1. awww thats so cute! <3 I love this post. You seem happy!

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