Saturday, April 12, 2014

Do you hear that?

Do you?  Do you hear it?


That's because it's QUIET!  Blissfully, peacefully, quiet.

Can you feel it?  Close your eyes.  Tune in.  Do you feel it?

It's happiness.  Peacefulness.  Gratitude.  The things I hold in my heart today.


For a multitude of reasons.  Mostly, because I have been given a gift.  The gift of 3 days of solitude.  I can't remember the last time I had 24 hours totally alone, let alone an entire weekend.  I'm almost giddy.  My kids are with their dad for the weekend.  My husband has gone to the 'Mother Ship'.  He is at PAX East, which is a huge gaming convention.  He is geeking out with friends old and new.

I am home.  Alone.  An entire day of hours with which to do whatever *I* want.  No one to cook for, clean up after, shuttle to soccer or even have to have a conversation with.  It's all about me.  How selfish and indulgent of me!  *squee*

It began last evening.  I bought myself some tulips.  I lit a candle in my selenite tea light holder.  I had a glass of wine. I'm a damn romantic date for myself!

Then, I read a few chapters of a book.  For pleasure!  I listened to a guided meditation as I fell asleep early.  I slept for eight hours.  In a row!  Getting more than 5 hours of sleep feels pretty damn good, I must say!  I lingered in bed for a bit this morning before getting up. I had no one else to nag!  I felt a wee bit guilty being so lazy but hell, I deserve it.  The cats snuggled, bewildered as to why I was still in bed with the sun up, I'm sure.

I came downstairs a full 2 hours later than I usually do and sat with a cup of tea, gazing out the window.  To add to my bliss, it's going to be a gorgeous spring day.  The grass is getting green, the birds are singing, the wind chime is playing outside my window, and the sun is shining brightly.  I discovered two bluebirds have chosen my nesting box this year!  I love the birds and I haven't had bluebirds in residence for several years. Bonus glee!

Although tempted to do things like errands or getting together with friends I usually cannot connect with due to my schedule and that of my kids, I am not.  I intend to stay home all day and all evening.  No, I won't be lazing around, although that would be lovely, it's not practical for this Virgo with a long to do list and would be better accomplished at a beach or destination far from home.  Instead, I will be productive.  In fact, I hope to spend much of the day writing/editing my book.  I may even take the laptop outside on the deck for some vitamin D while I write this afternoon.  I love to write and I miss it.  I've been remiss in blogging simply because I haven't had the time!  My goal was to have the book done a month ago!  I've got work to do!

Other items on my to do list for this weekend include opening all the windows and doing some space clearing, organizing and general spring cleaning.  I will also go for a run as I continue to rehab from my stress fracture.  The fresh and warmer air along with the sunshine on my face is the best medicine for shaking the winter blues and it was a long, cold, frustrating winter for sure!

Oh, look!  A parade of turkeys going by my window!  I'm a nature lover and an animal lover.  One of my favorite things about the spring is all the creatures that are as happy as I am the snow is gone and the sun is shining!  Plus, they provide entertainment!

I cannot tell you how grateful I am for this opportunity.  Now excuse me while I go do a bit of self-nurturing.
I do home you get a chance to get out and enjoy a bit of nature this weekend, too.


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  1. I love that Mother Nature said, "yes, Kim!" and is offering up two beautiful days.