Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Understanding the importance of anchoring furniture in pictures and a song

So often, people ask me how they can get so and so to understand the importance of anchoring their furniture and TV's.  

Even after explaining the statistics which you can find at anchorit.gov and sharing my daughter's story, as I did in a blog post a few years ago, I called Be With Me, Just for Today.  Far too many people, once they learn of the dangers of furniture and TV tip-over, convince themselves their children are not at risk.  

Common excuses include, "I'm always with my child", "My child is not a climber", "My child knows not to do that", "My furniture is too heavy to tip", "I don't want to (or can't) put holes in the walls or my furniture", "I don't have the right tools", "It's too expensive", "It takes too much time", "My (husband, parents, etc.) won't let me or doesn't think it's necessary", "It's not likely to happen, so why spend the money?", or, "We have expensive, good furniture, it's safe."  

Some people are not compelled by statistics or words or even someone else's heart-wrenching story. Perhaps they are more visual.  Sometimes, pictures have a greater impact. Some people are moved by music, not words or pictures.  I ask you to take 3 minutes to watch.  Then, perhaps you will share it with anyone who still does not understand the importance of anchoring furniture and TV's.  Who doesn't fully grasp the potential consequences.  Who thinks it only happens to "someone else".  I am that someone else.  You or they could just as easily be that someone else. 

This was my reality 11 years ago today.  A day I will never forget.  A day that makes the Christmas season incredibly difficult every year.  The song is called "Visitor from Heaven" by Twila Paris.  It's beautiful.  The pictures tell a love story.  Heavily punctuated with why it's so important to anchor your furniture and TV's.  So you never have to tell this kind of a love story.

Please, anchor it.  

Thank you.

Meggie's mom