Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Dual purpose running: 26.2 with Donna to end breast cancer

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As I have been preparing to run the WDW half-marathon in January, I've been listening to 2 podcasts.  I love both of them and they have provided a wealth of knowledge and insight both about training for a half-marathon and running at Disney.  They are the Extra Mile Podcast: Galloway Edition and the Mickey Miles Podcast.  They can both be found on iTunes and Facebook as well.  I highly recommend them both as I have enjoyed them immensely and in fact, look forward to their meet ups at Disney!
Last week, both podcasts mentioned a race called 26.2 with Donna to finish breast cancer, also known as the breast cancer marathon, for the Donna Foundation.   Donna Deegan is a 3x breast cancer survivor.  She is all about love and banishing fear, a topic and attitude near and dear to my own heart.  The Foundation raises money for breast cancer research and needy families impacted by breast cancer in their local community.  They spoke so highly of the race and the Foundation that I was compelled to investigate.  I was also intrigued by mention of a way to virtually run the race if you could not run in person.  I love charity runs.  This one captured my heart.  A charity where 100% of the proceeds from race registration and donations go to needy families or a specific breast cancer research program at the Mayo Clinic.  I refuse to donate to large charities where precious few of the hard earned and donated dollars go to actual patients or research.  Not so with the Donna Foundation!
Upon further investigation, this race is more than a fundraiser.  It supports both a wonderful community of runners and those who have or are battling with breast cancer or have loved ones who are, have, or have lost their battle to this disease.  I'm really sad I can't run this one in person.  They say the full marathon is a 26 mile party.  If I were ever to do a full, this might just be the one!  I did register to do the virtual half-marathon run. You can run any half or full marathon (or any number of miles/races that add up to those distances) in January or February of 2014 and virtually 'run' Donna.  I shall be running both the WDW half and the Donna half at the same time.  Upon meeting the race and fundraising requirements, you also receive a finisher medal in the mail.  It's pretty awesome, but not as awesome as kicking breast cancer's ass!
Donna breast cancer medal
I wish there were more runs like this one.  I love the idea of a virtual run and how it's tied to fundraising.  I love what this Foundation does on so many levels.  I love how it supports people in fitness, running and battling their demons with love and the support of their community.  I will proudly wear my Donna bib right along with my Disney one and when the legs get tired, I'll draw on the strength of the millions of women who have battled something far more challenging and daunting, and cross that finish line with and for them.
It's like having a runner's high just from thinking about it!
Anyone want to join me?

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  1. I saw the fb article about your daughter. I choose this day as it is a very special day for me. Although we have so much in common, our stories are quite different. You see, I too lost my precious daughter Alicia on Christmas Day 2013. My daughter was 41 years old and had suffered with a rare form of cancer called Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma. Unfortunately you and I and the lady who lost her baby at 5.5 months never wanted to be in this club, but we are and no one can ever understand the heartbreak we go through. Please don't blame yourself for what happened to your daughter, you could not have prevented this. I will keep you and your loved ones in my thoughts and prayers. God Bless