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A to Z Challenge: C is for chakra

There are so many "C"  words to choose from in the realm of new age topics.  Compassion and crystals being favorites of mine.  

The one "C" word that captures the essence of a metaphysical C is chakra.  The chakras are to energetic anatomy as important as the skeleton is to the physical body.  Any student of spirit must first understand their energetic anatomy and how it relates to their physical anatomy before they can truly make sense of and understand the essence of their BE-ing. 

So what's a chakra?  The chakras are the energy centers of our being.  There are 7 major ones and many secondary ones.  For the purposes of today's post, I shall only address the 7 main chakras, and briefly at that.  The 7 major chakras are located along the midline of our body.  Chakra is from the Sanskrit word meaning 'wheel'.  Energy is believed to flow through the chakras, spinning them like a wheel,  helping to keep us energetically in balance and thus healthy in all of our bodies; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  Each is believed to represent a spiritual or life lesson or challenge that leads us to greater consciousness.  The goal is to achieve a balance.  

Each chakra resonates to a different frequency and corresponds to the colors pictured below. There are many other associations with the chakras that can be used for treatment of dis-ease and for energy balancing.  They include yoga poses, mantras, crystals, music, aromatherapy, astrology and more.

This is one example of how they may be pictured:

They are, in order from head to toe:

Crown Chakra - located at the top and center above the head and is associated with the Divine/connection to spirit.  Associated with the colors white/gold, the musical note 'B', and Quartz crystals and amethyst.  The mantra is "I am" and  "I know".

Third Eye Chakra -  Located in the center of the forehead, between the eyes.  Associated with the recognition of your intuition, surrendering your will to Divine will, understanding.  Other associations are the color purple, the musical note 'A', and crystals such as lapis, sodalite, sapphire, moonstone and quartz.  The mantra is "I see".

Throat Chakra -  Located between the collarbones at the center of the throat.  Associated with  sound, speaking your truth/communication.  Other associations include the color blue, the musical note 'G', and crystals of chalcedony, blue lace agate, aquamarine or turquoise.  The mantra is "I speak" and "I am heard".

Heart Chakra - Located at your heart center in the center of your chest.  Associated with the ability to love without fear, peace, understanding.  Other associations include the color green or pink, the musical note 'F', or crystals such as emerald, rose quartz, rhodocrosite, jade or pink tourmaline.  The mantra is "I love" and "I am loved".

Solar Plexus Chakra - Located just above the belly button it is the center of personal will/truth, personality and feelings.  Associated with the color yellow and the musical note 'E'.  Also associated with tiger eye, yellow topaz, agate and yellow jasper.  The mantra is "I act".

Sacral Chakra - Located in the lower abdomen, above the genitals but below the belly button.  Associated with sexuality/relationships, creativity, pure emotion and love of self.  Other associations include the color orange, the musical note 'D' and crystals moonstone, carnelian, tourmaline and hematite. The mantra is "I feel". 

Root Chakra - Located at the base of the spine and it is where physical and emotional stability exist.  Associated with family, the concept of the tribe, connection with the earth and survival, self-esteem and material things in life.  Also associated with t he color red, the musical note 'C' and crystals of agate, bloodstone, garnet, ruby, smoky quartz, red jasper or tiger eye.  The mantra is "I am here" 

Any of our chakras can be out of balance, either with relation to that energy center itself or it's relationship to the other chakras.  Imbalance is usually a sign of a blockage or 'leak' of your energy.  It is often tied to an emotional stress or conflict in your life.  A literal block of the flow of positive and healthy energy.  Imbalance often manifests physically for us in the form of dis-ease.  It could be as seemingly minor as a headache, a bad mood or sore muscles and fatigue to much more serious ailments.  Those who are energy sensitive may be able to identify for themselves or for others when there is an imbalance of the chakras or energy centers.  Our physical and emotional bodies often give us clues as well, thus it does not require a PhD in metaphysics to know your energetic anatomy is off kilter! 

What the average person is often lacking is an awareness of their inner-self and of their own energetic anatomy.  They are unaware of not only how imbalances can occur and manifest in the physical but also of how they have the power to change their energetic anatomy and thus, their physical and emotional experiences as a result.  Bringing your energy into balance can help to heal dis-ease and bring about well-being, health and happiness.

There are some simple things you can do to raise your spiritual, emotional and physical energy and to fend off dis-ease.  Here are some suggestions:
  • Eat well.  Avoid processed foods, artificial colors and genetically modified foods of any kind.  Eat whole foods and organic when you can.  Wash all produce well.  Limit or avoid sugar and caffeine. 
  • Employ color balancing. Wear the color of the chakra(s) you want to bring into balance.  It can be anywhere!  Your socks, your underwear, a top or even jewelry!  The more out of balance, the more items of that color you should use or wear or surround yourself in!
  • Wear or carry a crystal associated with the chakra you wish to work on.  I could write copious amounts on crystal therapy, but for a quick reference check out Best Crystals
  • Meditate.  Visualize your chakras spinning freely, vibrant in their colors, working perfectly together.  Feel the light of love and spirit travel from the Universe to just above your head, through you and all your chakras, right through your feet and into the earth.  Feel grounded to earth and connected to spirit while being fully present in your own body and your experience of that very moment.  It doesn't take long.  A few minutes a day.  A great way to being each morning and prepare for sleep each night.  And anytime in between! 
  • Use a guided imagery, visualization or affirmation.  There are chakra specific ones available on-line and there are many to choose from.  Or create your own to listen to or simply recite out loud or to yourself.  Utilize the affirmations associated with each chakra noted above.  One of my favorite chakra guided meditations can be found here on an album called Crystal Voices.
  • Receive Reiki.  Reiki is great for identifying and balancing your chakras and helping you to let go and heal whatever it is that needs to be healed.  It's such a gift to both give and receive.  At the very least, it's relaxing and YOU time.  Chances are, you will get so much more out of it than you ever imagined for your greater good and health. 
  • Utilize music.  You can listen or sing and chant. There are many CD's out there made specifically for chakra balancing.  My favorites involve crystal singing bowls.  Two of my favorites are Chakra Suite and Crystal Bowl Healing, both by Steven Halpern.

While there is much I could and would love to write about balancing chakras, perhaps that is for another time and place.  If you are interested in learning more, feel free to message me.  I'd be happy to hold a class locally, write a more in depth piece or simply provide you with some resources for your own research.  


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