Tuesday, April 16, 2013

B is for blessings...for Boston and beyond

Day 2 of the A to Z blog.  The letter B.

Two B words that come quickly to mind today are of course Boston and bombing.  Boston is a beautiful word, a beautiful city and 'my' city if I were to ever call one my own.  Boston was the target of a bombing yesterday, on the city's most 'holy' of days, Marathon Monday.  While I could choose to write about those B words, instead, I choose to write about blessings.  I shall do so with inspiration from the events of yesterday.

A blessing is generally thought of as a wish or hope for happiness, goodness or something positive.  Some see it as a favor from God or a higher power.  Those who are blessed are thought to be worthy of deep reverence or respect or of bringing happiness or good fortune.

Boston is blessed. While the events at the finish line were horrible and tragic, there were abundant blessings in the timing of it all.  There was news media everywhere, and instead of running away, they captured it.  Yes some of the images are upsetting, but they may have captured important evidence and they certainly captured the amazing goodness of people in the aftermath.

There were people, and thus, witnesses, everywhere.  They were also helpers.  They helped those who were injured, lost, new to our city and had no idea where to go or what to do.  They offered food, shelter, clothing, directions and support to complete strangers.  They were beautiful, good-hearted and helpful people.

There were first responders everywhere and literally able to respond immediately.  They trained for this, they knew exactly what to do to keep everyone as safe as possible in the aftermath and to tend to the injured. They did so with precision, calm and authority.  They were able to stop the race and direct runners who had not yet finished to a safe gathering place and direct spectators waiting for their runners to meet them there.

There was a medical tent in close proximity, staffed with trained medical personnel, all volunteers.  There were ambulances on stand by, already there.  They went into action, ready to help whomever needed it.  The spirit of cooperation was stunning.  Stories of spectators and even runners, who had just run 26.2 miles, went immediately to that tent or to the injured to help THEM, instead of seeking attention for their own needs or running away in fear.  It was also change of shift at the local hospitals, who were, at that very moment, essentially double staffed with nurses.  Physicians and other staff not working or on call heard the news and immediately reported to their hospitals, ready to do their jobs.  Because that's what they do.  

Blessed are all those who helped.  Especially our first responders and health care personnel, who dedicate their lives to helping others and saving lives.  Who plan for and drill for circumstances just like this one. They don't think twice about running IN to harm's way to keep the rest of us safe and to help those who are injured.  No doubt, the number of those injured and especially those who lost their lives would have been greater had there not been the people there who were.  Right people.  Right place.  Right timing.

Of course for those who were in harm's way and were injured or killed by the blast, they were not in the right place, at least not in the conventional human sense.  May the families and friends of those who were killed, injured or simply witnessed the events as they happened and are suffering emotionally, find peace.  They too, are blessed.  Blessed to have been given the gift of their loved ones in their lives.  Blessed to have been surrounded by the best of the best in a city that is a medical mecca.  In a city where people are passionate, generous and resilient, and where love is abundant and hearts are good.  While their loss is certainly tremendous, to know they have the prayers and good thoughts of so many across the nation sending them love, light and wishes for peace and healing is a gift.  May they feel the abundant love being sent their way. May it help them heal.

Blessed are we, as a city, state and nation, that we collectively agree fear and terror will not win.  We will not change our ways.  No doubt MORE people will be at next year's Boston Marathon, not fewer.  Blessed are we that tragedies like this serve not to tear us apart, but bring us together.  While unfortunate that it had to happen, and unfortunate that it seems it's the 'bad' that often leads us to the 'good', we emerge stronger as a whole.

Please join me in focused attention for a moment.

Focus not on the negative, not on the fear, not on the hatred.  Do not blame.  Do not fall victim.  Do not hate. Do not wish ill upon others.  Focus instead on the positive, the good, the love.  Speak no evil.  Hear no evil.  See no evil.  Believe  there is no evil.  There is no evil.

Speak love.  Hear love.  See love.  Feel love.  Send love.  BE LOVE.  Always.  Shine your light, right from your heart, on everyone.  Love will win.  It must.  It always does.

Blessed be.

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