Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A to Z Challenge: H is for Honor

The further  along I get in the alphabet of my metaphysical A to Z challenge, the more I realize it's difficult to choose one word for each letter.  There are often so many that fit and are worthy of  their own dedicated blog post.  Today's was particularly challenging.  Several "H" words quickly came to mind.  Heaven, holy, holistic,  happiness, health, Haniel and hope to name a few.

The word that really wanted to have it's chance to be thoughtfully considered is honor.  It in fact, deserves to be honored for what it is and what it stands for.  There are many definitions and uses for the word honor.  It boils down to respect.

Why did I choose honor over any of the other fine "H' words?  Because I think we need more honor in the world, in every sense of the word.  I think we need to get back to this core value.  For ourselves.  For our children.  For the world.  I don't think we can truly achieve a peaceful existence and a peaceful world until we truly are able to honor ourselves and that which is in others.  There are many facets to honor in our lives.  At a minimum we should honor:

Each other
Our heritage (parents, grandparents/elders)
Our children
Our faith, whatever it may be
Our truth
The gift of life
The gifts of Mother earth
Spirit - whatever that is to you

We don't have to agree with something to honor it.  We are simply acknowledging it for what it is, without judgement.  Without ego. It's about being respectful of ourselves, each other and our differences.

If you have ever taken a yoga class or indulged in any Eastern spiritual pursuits, a common greeting or parting word is Namaste.  It means 'I bow to you' and is often combined with hands in prayer position at the heart center, in effect saying that the Divine in me honors the Divine in you.  Sometimes the hands come together at the forehead or third eye chakra and are brought down to the heart with the bow, an especially deep sign of respect.  The word is not needed, but tends to be spoken in Western cultures or written when the people cannot see the other. Essentially, we are eliminating our ego and saying we are equal, and I respect you for who you are and where you are on your journey.

Our differences matter not, for we are but one and the same when it comes right down to it from a holistic and spiritual standpoint.  We are all wherever we need to be on our path.  Our paths have crossed for a reason. I honor where you are on yours.  I hope you can do the same for me.


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