Thursday, April 18, 2013

A to Z Challenge: D is for divination

People are funny.

Depending on the person or group I am with, if I mention the word divination or that I am now an Angel Card reader, or some other metaphysical mumbo jumbo, I either get a nod of understanding and an offer to share insights and message or a shocked look disbelief.  Divination?!  Are you a witch?  You think you can predict the future?  Get answers about the past?  You think you can talk to GOD?!  The angels?!  The departed!?  How can you possibly know when "x" will die?!   I thought you were normal...

Hmmmm.  Did I say I was any of those things?  Oh, wait.  Sometimes I do get message from *someone* and *somewhere*.  I have had encounters with deceased loved ones, both mine and other people's.  I can't tell you how many deceased loved ones I've been introduced to and asked not to sit on by my patients who were near death. I don't see them with my eyes, but I feel their presence and I know when they are there.  I don't really want to see or talk to them, so I kindly ask them to move along.  I'm not afraid, it's just not time for me to do that yet.

Did you think I was 'normal' before you knew I dabbled in divination, metaphysical pursuits and the new age spiritual realm?  Did you decide I was a 'cooler' person because of my spiritual side?  Regardless, what, if anything changed?  Why?

Am I crazy now?  All of a sudden?  Just like that?

I often find myself thinking.  Wait.  Do you pray?  Isn't that talking to God?  Most everyone accepts that as 'normal' even if they don't do it.

How many of you sent wishes for peace and healing to the families of Newtown, the Boston bombing earlier this week or those impacted by 9/11?  Is that not communicating with a higher power somehow?  Isn't that a form of intended energy healing?

Do you hug your children and kiss their boo-boos better?  Isn't that a form of energy healing?

When our ancestors are depicted casting lots with rocks and sticks, using runes, looking to the skies for guidance and relying on medicine men and women to be the healers of the tribe do you think they were crazy?

What IS divination?

To me, it's simply a way of connecting with spirit. A gift of intuition and perception.  An awareness that maybe, we really are spirit beings having a human experience, not the other way around.  It's a way to connect with whatever higher power(s) you happen to believe in.

It's also a beautiful tool to help you connect to yourself.  Your higher self, your intuition,  that inner wisdom we all have.  It allows you to venture inside of yourself and far outside of yourself to seek your own personal truth and find what resonates with you.  It's tuning into our own soul's compass.  It's a way to inner peace, resolution of conflict, forgiveness, understanding and processing of emotion.  A way to be grounded to this earth and yet connected to spirit, universal love.  Who cares how we get there, as long as we do?

By definition, and in my opinion, why it gets a bad rap, divination is associated with fortune telling and prophecy.  It's roots are in 'divine will of God'.  It's associated with the occult and 'witches'.  It is perceived to go against traditional religious teachings and thus rejected by many as false or outright lies.

Who are you to judge someone else's personal beliefs or experiences? 

It's my belief that whenever someone is un-accepting of another persons's beliefs, it's because of their own fear or misunderstandings.  What's right for me may not be right for you.  Whether I'm choosing a salad dressing, a shirt or a spiritual divination tool. What's the difference?  Why does it matter to you?

Some divination tools people use are:

oracle and tarot cards
reading tea leaves
and the list goes on...

The thing is, it is what it is to YOU and only you.  If it doesn't resonate with you, then you don't have to participate in it.  If you don't believe in God, you don't pray to him.  If you don't believe in angels, why would you ask them for messages using oracle cards?  If you don't believe in past lives, why would you engage in a past life regression?

To me, it's sort of like any game of chance.  You roll the dice.  You choose a card.  You are betting on an outcome.  The unknown.  You may be able to somehow predict the likelihood of that outcome based on past experience, the current cards on the table or your own expectations.  Wait.  Isn't that divination of sorts.  Past, present and future.  Determined by which card you choose or what combination shows up on the dice?    Oh, my D+D friends will be so excited!  The choices they make now impact the outcome of the game. Just.  Like.  In.  Real.  Life.  They use cards to help determine the outcome.  Hey, so do I!

I've tried different divination tools along my journey. Some really resonate with me, others do not.  Some only for a while.  They are merely tools.  They activate something deep within us.  They activate thought, feeling and contemplation of life purpose.  They help us question and find answers.  They are not really magic.  They are just a way to raise your awareness about your own experience of life.

Last night I was part of a beautiful Reiki and healer share.  We gathered to send love, light and healing to Boston.  We used meditation  crystals and visualization.  We asked angels and ascended masters to join us. We even asked the Unicorns, the symbol of the Boston Marathon, to join us.  There is no harm in calling in reinforcements!  We beamed healing energy to the city, the 'crime scene', to all those injured, their families and friends, the volunteers, to all the first responders and hospital staff.  We went into meditation together, we, by force of will and determination opened our hearts and beamed love and light to anyone and everyone who needed it.  We reached out to those who needed to cross over and to their families energetically to help them heal.  We literally sent healing to the earth at the epicenter of it all, the streets of Boston, the buildings.  Everything and everyone.  I swear you could have seen it.

Were we all out of our trees for a) gathering for such a purpose, b) engaging in a group meditation with a specific healing purpose and c) for thinking it could actually help?  Well, I can tell you we are not.  We are all professionals.  We have real jobs.  We have families.  We are all well-respected members of our communities.  We are largely a group of people that had you never known of our interest in spiritual pursuits, you'd never have in a million years guessed we'd have been there last night.  We are not alone.  The United Nations does this every week!   We have a depth of compassion and caring for people and places we have no direct connection with, we just know they need our positive energy and so we share it.  How can that be wrong?

It's not the destination, it's the journey.  It's the hope that at the end of our journey we find peace.  For ourselves and for others.  It doesn't matter how we get there.  It only matters that we get there.  Divination is but one way to guide us down our path and bring us to peace.


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