Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Mama's boy

Ever since he was born, all he needed to be content was a full belly and to be in someone's arms.  He's a snuggle bug.  Easy going and sweet.  Eager to please.  Wise beyond his years.  Sensitive and intuitively gifted and empathetic.  He wears his heart on his sleeve.  He expresses himself freely.  He oozes and radiates love.

He had a twin sister who squawked for attention beyond that which she got for being the only girl baby in the family and extended family.  He had an older brother who was loud, busy and demanded attention in far more obvious ways.  He found his niche in quiet subtlety.  He still has it. The dimples don't hurt, either.

Eleven years later, he still wants to be sung to sleep.  He still wants to snuggle.  He still asks to sit on my lap at times.  He tells me he loves me multiple times a day, without prompting!  He makes up songs with lyrics like "I love mama...she's so beautiful...mama is the best in the world...I love mama, mama, mama..."  or simply uses his own mama-centric lyrics when singing along to songs on the radio.  Sometimes he withholds his "I love you's" until he knows what I'm making for dinner, of course.  He still needs a full belly to be content.  ;-)

We've been through a lot, of course.  Both my boys quite possibly suffering the worst of it all given their ages and mental capacity to understand and cope.  He *gets* it, and when he doesn't, he asks.  He senses when I'm feeling anything other than happy and freely offers hugs, snuggles and proclamations of love.

He says he's going to live with me forever!  Somehow, I doubt that.  He's quite the catch.  Someone else will eventually be the focus of his "I love you's".  It's interesting how different in personality our children can be.  Each amazing and special and loved for their own quirkiness and individuality.  As I watch my older son, who has always been more reserved, private and less expressive struggle with being a teen and finding a way to balance individuality with his need and desire for smushy-ness with his mama, I wonder if my younger mama's boy will eventually drift away, too.  Into someone else's arms who they love.  NOOOOOOOOOOO!

I know they love me.  One of them is much more open and forward about expressing it.  It's sweet and melts my heart.  It's such an amazing thing to watch your children grow and evolve as humans.  I can only hope I'm doing a decent job at facilitating their journey.

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