Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Best laid plans

It's 6:12 am.  I sit at my computer.  In my jammies.  My head is cobwebby.  The cat is staring at me because her food dish is empty.  My wakey tea is not doing it's job very well, although it's warm, which is somewhat helpful.  The hum of the dishwasher is my white noise.  It's dark outside.

I do not want to be sitting here.  I want to be in my bed.  Cozy, warm and asleep.  I want more sleep!

Instead, I forced myself to get up.  It wouldn't be so bad, for I usually enjoy the peaceful time in the morning while the rest of the house sleeps.  As of late, that just hasn't been the case.  I'm usually literally up with the sun.  This time of year I just don't begin to function until the sun has risen and it's light has touched my eyes.

Instead, I drag myself reluctantly out of bed.  It's time for the morning battle.  The one where I nag my teen to get up and out of the house on time so he doesn't miss the bus.  It's a stressful half hour for both of us.  Followed by nagging the tween to do the same.  Somewhere in between the nagging, I need to shower and get myself organized and ready for work.

I made the mistake of looking at the calendar for today.  It's crazy.  I had carefully planned my day with little wiggle room for unexpected things because I really had no choice.  Work requires me to be in Boston this afternoon until 4 pm.  In the middle of hospital mecca.  It could be a challenging drive home.  At least 90 minutes. I need to fetch the tween, get him home, feed him and get him to soccer, in the opposite direction for 6:30.  I have barely enough time to do so.

Then, this morning, the teen tells me he's staying after school for a soccer party.  I was unaware of this.  No, not entirely true.  I remember seeing something about the possibility of it but never a confirmation.  While a small victory he remembered BEFORE the end of school today, this is not a good day for such a surprise.  Now, in my afternoon where there is no wiggle room, I need to go in the complete opposite direction to get him.  A full hour round trip that I do not have the time for.

It means there will be no time to come home and feed either of them before soccer. I have no idea where I will find the time to feed them.  Drive by pizza?  It means instead of coming home and working on his physics project like he planned to, he will have to come to soccer with us.  It means my afternoon just got way more chaotic, complicated and stressful.  It means my morning just got a bit more compressed because I now need to be sure I have everything everyone needs when I leave the house this morning for work, because I won't have time to come back to get it.

I want more sleep.  I want another arm.  I want a cook, house cleaner, personal shopper and wife!  I want more hours in the day or fewer things to do in those hours. I want a clone of me!  Whoa.  THAT is a scary thought.  What if there were clones we could take out of the closet to do stuff for us and then put away?  I want the ability to teleport.  It'd be so cool and most helpful to be able to be in two places at once, maybe even three.  One of me would be in bed, one of me would be working and one of me would be writing that damn book.

I feel badly whining.  In part, I created the mess that is my day today.  I could say no to soccer, except it's a commitment.  I could say no to the soccer party, but that's not fair.  I could say no to work, but yeah, I kinda need to work.  I guess it is what it is.

Being such, I should stop writing about it and get busy on getting out the door.  The teen is on his way.  *sigh* he went upstairs instead of out the door.  Will he ever be able to do this without me being his clock?!

Now, to dislodge the warm, purring and content kitty from my lap.  Don't wanna.

I am SO coming back as a cat!

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  1. I know this is an old post but for future problems like this, can your teen son catch public transport at all? In a few years (I think) he will be old enough to drive. Hopefully then you will have more time on your hands? :-)