Thursday, November 29, 2012

Power ball, power thought, power dreams

So, did you buy a power-ball ticket for last night's drawing?  Do you only buy one when the jackpot is hyped because it's so large?  I will admit, I did.  One quick pick.  I have bought maybe 5 lottery tickets in my life, all for similar circumstances.  I have never won.  I never really expected to.

What is it about HUGE sums of money that inspire us to do something we ordinarily wouldn't do?  What is it that drive people who have no discretionary income to spend any amount of money on lottery tickets on a daily or weekly basis and then throw $100 into power-ball tickets when the chance of winning is something like 1 in 365 million?

I think it's the dream.  I found myself wondering, as I'm sure many people did, what would I do if I actually won?

First, I'd get a good attorney and a good accountant!!

Yes, I'd quit my job.  Not because I want to fully retire, although that's tempting, but because I want to spend the rest of my life doing what I love.  Teaching about birth, safety and Reiki.  I'd take the opportunity to volunteer more, to get involved in the community and to make a difference.  I'd work on Meghan's Hope and Katie's Foundation the way I've always wanted to and then I'd have the finances to do what needs to be done to truly get our message heard around the world.  I'd write a book or two.  I'd have more time to devote to my kids and their pursuits.

I'd clean my house!  I'd complete all those home improvement projects!  I'd get my 3 season room!

I'd actually exercise.  Regularly!  And cook!  And eat well!  Imagine that!

I'd travel with my family.  I'd take the extended family on a vacation.  Perhaps a cruise or a trip to Hawaii.  A tour of the National Parks.  I could spend the summers WITH my children!!

I'd donate some to my family members so they could get out of debt.

I'd donate to my favorite charities.  Not the big ones that get huge amounts of donations and sit on endowments, but the little guys.  The grassroots charities who are trying to get their word out and advance their cause.  I'd but lots of gifts for toys for tots, buy tons of food to feed the hungry.

But most of it would go into retirement and college fund savings.

Wait.  Why do we all have to wait for an impossibly high jackpot in a lottery game that is nearly impossible to win to dream?  Why can't we manifest these things without millions of dollars falling into our hands by chance?

Sure, some of my dreams require money.  Focused savings and prioritization can help me attain those goals over time.  Many of them are not necessary to living.  I can do on a smaller scale what I'd do on a larger scale if I had more time and money.

Many of my dreams don't require money.  They do require time and dedication.  Also something that is difficult to come by when working full time, but not outside the realm of possibility.  It's about prioritization, organization and dedication.  I could attain that dream now.  Perhaps not as quickly or efficiently as I otherwise could, but it does not require my winning the lottery to do.

I can take a more modest vacation.  I can donate what I can afford  to the charities of my choice.  I can volunteer, just not as long or as often.  I could find a different job, a way to support my family and my ultimate dream.  I could exercise regularly.  I can and do teach and write, just not as much as I'd like.  I do share Meghan's message, just not to the degree I wish I could.  I can't do it all.  I can't do it to the same degree I could or would if I had unlimited finances, but I can do it.

Maybe we simply don't dare to dream until there is also the dream of a way to make our dreams come true. That's sad.  We are incredibly powerful energetically.  We should be able to manifest what we need in our lives.

So I didn't win power-ball.  I didn't need to.  No loss there.  I congratulate the people who did.  I hope they truly needed the money and will use it for the greater good.  I already have what I truly need.  I am grateful for the roof over my head, the food on the table, a happy and healthy family, my fur babies, my ability to give to others in need, the time I make to write and the ability to pursue my passions even if only in a limited capacity.  There are so many others who struggle for warmth and nourishment, how dare I dream at all?

I also have to wonder.  Why is there all this screaming about our fiscal crisis in the government?  Why are we crying about paying more taxes and not being able to afford health care?  I'm sure those same law makers spent tons of money on their power-ball tickets.  If everyone in the country gave the $2/week to the government instead of to the lottery or their DD or Starbucks coffee, how long would it take us to pay off the deficit?

Ah, the power of dreaming.

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