Sunday, November 11, 2012

Unexpected surprises

Do you like surprises?  I usually do, especially when they are happy ones.  

This morning I was uploading some videos from our dance studio party to the studio Facebook page and when I opened my video folder, I realized many of the videos did not have names, just the file numbers.  As I started clicking to figure out which one was the dance video I wanted I found this:
What a gift!  It is one of the precious few videos I have of Meghan.  I had forgotten all about it.  It captures her spirit so beautifully.  The way she loved her big brother (then 5) and his love of her.  Her love of dancing.  Her ability to 'lead' him.  Her infectious laugh.  It captures her joy and silliness.  It is so... her.  She was so proud of her pretty dress and pretty shoes.  It was taken at my sister's wedding reception.  I remember Meghan walking into the picture area, throwing her arms up in the air and proclaiming "I here!", as if it was all about her.  Of course, when you are just shy of 2, it IS all about you.  ;-)  The discovery made me laugh through the tears.  

I miss her... 

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