Saturday, November 17, 2012

The power women hold over men. Or...He danced with me! He danced with me!

We women.  Amazing what we can get our men to do.  Equally amazing how early we use our superpower.

Today, I thank another woman, because he danced with me!  My eldest son.  Yes.  The teenager.  The one who schleps around with his head hung.  The one who comes to the dance studio and plays with his iPod the entire time.  The one I forced to dance with me for 30 seconds at my wedding and it was such a challenge. The shy, easily embarrassed  gross motor challenged one!  Last night he danced with me!  Several times!  Granted, for a few seconds here, there and everywhere, but he did it.

It wasn't because I wanted him to dance with me.  Nope.  It was because his girlfriend came and SHE wanted to dance.  Ah, the power we women have over men...

They wanted to see each other.  The don't go to the same school or live particularly close to each other as they met at summer camp.  I suggested she come to our dance studio party and they hang out there.  There is music, food, fun people and the opportunity to learn a new dance or just dance freestyle.  She had been briefly once before and was clearly interested, so that was my suggestion.  And so it was.

There was a beginner Bachata class.  They took the class!  They did really well!  K even looked like he was almost enjoying it after he figured out the timing and the feet.  She was in heaven because he was touching her in dance hold!  It was cute.  But then...we had to switch partners!!  He got to dance with the other women AND HIS MOTHER!  HA!  Ok.  So I back led.  But he did it!

Later in the evening we used that Bachata for a group 'circle' dance.  They both participated!  He danced with me again as he spun by.  We learned a Samba line dance and they both did that!  One of the other instructors showed them the basic Rumba and they did that together.

My youngest, who loves to dance and knows many of the basic steps to many dances did his favorite, the tango, and a cha-cha, rumba and foxtrot with me.

By the end of the evening, they both looked like they were having a really fun time.  By far, the youngest dancers there.  K and his girlfriend learned how to have fun in a new way, they learned some dance steps and it didn't cost them a penny.  They didn't seem overwhelmed by the presence of so many adults, although granted, many of us dressed for the "used to be cool" theme, so it was sort of like Halloween and well, it's hard to feel 'threatened' by adults in wigs and 'old' clothes.  I was especially excited for K, because this was huge for him.  He was able to put aside his shyness and his fear over not being able to 'get' it to make his girlfriend happy.  When he saw how much fun she was having, he relaxed and had fun, too.  He may not admit it, but I saw it.  :-)

I was thrilled to dance with my son.  I was thrilled to see him enjoying himself in a new way.

And, oh you men...  The things you'll do for a girl...

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  1. Awww thats great! Are your sons still dancing with you? How is your eldest going?