Monday, November 19, 2012


Last night I had the opportunity to teach a multiple birth private childbirth class.  It's a specialty area and one I really enjoy teaching.  It was a very informal one, which can be ideal.  It's such a wonderful gift to the parents to be able to go to them.  It's so important to allow them to get the questions that are important to them answered, something that happens in a group class, but also includes a set curriculum and order of presentation and often includes information that doesn't pertain to everyone.  Those with a sibling have a different educational need than those having their first babies. Having a class all about you, personalized to your needs is such a gift.

It's early enough in their pregnancy that they have time to digest and process the information, for it can be overwhelming.  This is so important!  They will have time to read all the material I left with them, watch a few DVD's I loaned them and formulate questions to ask their OB and themselves in preparation for the transition from a family of 3 to a family of 5.  I made myself available to them for questions or information anytime.  I shared a lot of information in a few short hours.  I always worry it's overwhelming.  I know it's nothing compared to having newborn twins and a pre-schooler, so I guess it's good practice.  ;-)

I had the added gift of teaching a very excited big brother a little bit about his new baby brother and sister.  I showed him a micro-preemie hat and diaper and a newborn hat and diaper to show him why, although he's awfully excited to meet them, that they really need to stay inside mom for a few more months.  He just laughed.  A lot.  :-)

It re-awakened in me the realization that I LOVE teaching.  I miss it.  I wish I could do it more often and have the time to do so.  That's not where I am in my life right now, but I sure wish I was.

It, as it always does, reminds me of my twin pregnancy and birth.  The gifts of the experience of twinship that parents, siblings and the twins themselves are blessed to have.  It's bittersweet, for I was robbed of the full twin experience.  I also know that twinship trancends death.  I see it in Meg's twin.  The connection persists.

Still, I feel passionate about helping families through their own twinshock and  transition to parenting twins.  I know it's something I am called to do.  There is so much to know and understand that just is not shared in the mainstream medical community.  The real-life, practical you have choices and here's what they are aspect of care and parenting is what parents really want and need.  I trust those that need me to do so for/with them, will find me.  I can only hope it is helpful for them.

It is such an honor to be invited to facilitate the journey of a couple on their way to parenthood.  I am blessed.  Twincerely blessed.

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