Friday, November 30, 2012

La Bella Luna

Did you happen to catch a glimpse of the full moon the past few nights and her sidekick, Jupiter?  Gorgeous!

Did you feel the celestial energy on Wednesday?  The full moon, a lunar eclipse and a planetary alignment that brought intense energy to those sensitive to it.  Were your kids a little nutty?  Was there chaos in your day or unpredictability?  I can tell you, the emergency rooms were busy!  There were probably a fair number of babies born.  There IS something to a full moon energy!

I was fortunate enough to catch the moon rise last evening.  The moon had a beautiful orange glow, very sacral chakra-ish!  It was low on the horizon and appeared huge!  Above and to the right shone a bright star, the planet Jupiter.  It was captivating.  As the moon rose, they appeared to get closer to each other.  Stunning.

Later in the evening, the full moon was high in the sky, like a mirror, shining the light of the reflected sun down on the earth, illuminating the night.  The sky was clear.  The stars were twinkling.  The air was cold and crisp.  Peaceful.  Amazing how much light is reflected back to earth and the beauty of the landscape in the moonlight in contrast to the sunlight.

The full moon is a wonderful opportunity to release and cleanse.  To set the intention for the next lunar cycle. To prepare for the new moon, the new beginnings in your life.  It's cyclical, like life itself.  Although the moon is now waning towards the new moon, try to catch a glimpse and be present in her beauty.  Soak in the stillness of the night.  Take a deep breath and observe the stars.

We are such a tiny speck in the grand scheme of the galaxy.  Yet, here, on Earth, to at least a few people, you are everything.

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