Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The medicinal value of chocolate!

It seems some people need a 'pill' to help them relax today they are so angry and uptight.  I've never been a fan of negative emotion but I realize we are human and thus, have emotions.

This blog is called Love, Light, Laughter and Chocolate!  Given the polarization of our nation, the negativity flying around social media sites and indeed the world, today, these things seem especially important! I ask three things of the people of our UNITED STATES and offer one coping strategy.

  1. Love.  Love yourself.  Love your fellow man.  Even if they disagree with you.  There is no place for judgment and negativity when you choose love.  Try it!  If you can't love (pssst, it's your ego in the way) then please, please, please RESPECT your fellow man, woman and child!
  2. Share your light.  Our country and the world need it.  Desperately.  Take the negativity coming at you and transform it with your own light.  Collective positive thought for the greater good of every being on the planet.  Go ahead,  Try it! 
  3. Laugh.  A lot.  It's the best medicine.  
  4. EAT CHOCOLATE!  Unless, of course, you are allergic.  Which would be most unfortunate.  My gift for the day is this article I came across on the medicinal value of chocolate.  It has some interesting points and is a worthy read.  Given I had dark chocolate for breakfast (with coconut thanks to my favorite brand Oskri), it seems appropriate!  40 Health Benefits of Chocolate
Please go forward today with love and respect for your fellow man.  Oh, and enjoy your chocolate!  

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