Friday, May 3, 2013

A to Z Challenge: N is for nature

 Next up in the metaphysical A to Z is N.  N is for nature!  Are you wondering how in the world nature is metaphysical?

Well, it certainly can be an aspect of spirituality.  Nature is all around us.  You can't avoid it.  You really can't even ignore it. Mother earth has many beautiful places, some stunningly so.  We have such an amazing variety of plants and animals around the world.  We have mountains and volcanoes, waterfalls, lakes, rivers and oceans, vast forests and lush meadows and even hot and dry deserts.

Nature is home to many creatures, all with a purpose and place in this world.  Just like each of us.  If you are a photography buff or artist of any kind, nature affords us countless opportunities to capture it's beauty.

Perhaps in the spring, the beauty of nature is most apparent in the re-birth that happens.  Here in the Northeast, seeing the tulips and daffodils bloom, watching the trees bud and suddenly leaf, seeing the forsythia literally explode with color, hearing the peepers and the birds singing their songs and seeing the pairing off that happens in the animal world brings a smile to my lips and happiness to my heart.

We are. in effect, one with nature.  We can't live without it.  The earth provides us with everything we need to survive.  Without the fruits of the earth, we would cease to exist.

Nature also provides us an opportunity to ground, center and connect.  To appreciate her beauty and abundant gifts.  An opportunity to give back by respecting her, taking care of her and doing what we can to protect the resources she provides so that she can continue to provide for future generations.  Too many of us take her for granted.  Too many of us don't appreciate what she has and how quickly we can lose what she has if we are not careful.

Spending time in nature can be relaxing.  It can be freeing.  Whether it's taking a walk, an adventure vacation, a photo walk/tour or exercising outside, making a regular habit of connecting with the world around us and taking time to appreciate her beauty and gifts can help us to be better humans.

For some, connecting with nature can also help us connect with spirit.  Something about feeling the sun on your face, the wind in your hair, the grass or sand or water under your feet or hearing the rain and thunder or seeing the snow softly fall can bring about a sense of peace and happiness.  Something about being out in nature truly grounds us.

If you are feeling stressed or scattered, try going outside for a bit.  You might find it is just what you need.  At the very least, next time you outside, notice nature around you.  Give thanks.  Appreciate the beauty.  Enjoy the nature around you.

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