Sunday, May 5, 2013

A to Z Challenge: P is for Peace

Peace on earth.

Peace be with you.

Go in peace.

The peace corps.

Inner peace.

Peace is something so many of us strive and long for.  There are so many contexts in which is it used, only a few of which I mentioned above.

By definition, peace is a state of harmony, free from conflict.  Often used synonymously with tranquility.  It can be applied on a personal level by trying to avoid your own inner conflict and finding a way to bring peace to your inner self.  It flows from there to attempting to show others how to lead a life free from negativity and conflict.  This is best done by leading by example or perhaps, by teaching something that can help others achieve a sense of peace in their lives.

Sending wishes for peace are most often thought of at times of loss and tragedy.  This often brings comfort to others and helps us to create a sense of closure.  Knowing a loved one is 'at peace' means they are now free from the earthly experiences we perceive to have caused pain and suffering of some kind.  We, too, can feel peace knowing they, and we, are free from that experience.  The challenge there is for us left behind, for grief is a whole other experience.  There can and is peace in grief, but the only way out, is through.

The challenge for many of us is achieving a sense of peace when negativity and conflict seems to thrive around us, despite efforts to the contrary.  Old habits die hard.  Group mentality often prevails without our conscious awareness.  This can work on the side of peace as much as it can work against it.

I, like many, long for a peaceful existence.  I long for violence to end.  For people to truly learn to love one another, respect their differences and live in harmony.  I've said before I am an idealist but I don't think this is an impossible achievement.  It is one that will take a tremendous effort on every individual, family, social group, religion and every country in the world.

Perhaps this is an area where the whole is greater than the sum of it's parts.  Instead of looking at the conflict in the world and feeling overwhelmed and daunted, instead, look inside of yourself.

Let there be peace one earth, and let it begin with me.

And you.

May peace be with you.

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