Saturday, May 11, 2013

Metaphysical A to Z: U is for understanding

Are you understanding?  Are you accepting of other's beliefs or opinions even if they differ from your own?

Understanding sleeps with comprehension.  Their love child is peace and harmony.

It's that simple.

One thing this world needs is a greater sense of understanding.  We need to stop being so quick to think we know everything or make judgments based on our beliefs and ours alone.

Once cannot attain inner peace, peace among their friend and family and certainly not world peace without  truly making an effort to be understanding of our differences   Of course to do that we also need to be open-minded, respectful and kind.  Other personality traits that are all too lacking in our society as a whole.

So much of what I have already written about in my A to Z challenge, let alone the bulk of my blog musings, contribute to what it means to be an understanding individual.  There is not much else to say, so this one is short and sweet.

Respect others for who they are and what they believe.  Be understanding of our differences as humans.

As Nike says, just do it.

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