Thursday, May 23, 2013

Metaphysical A to Z: Z is for Zodiac

Is there any other "Z" word more all encompassing?

The Zodiac is a celestial coordinate system that is quite complex, at least to me. I do not profess to know a lot about it or to understand it, for it takes quite a bit of study to comprehend.  Astrology is a huge branch of metaphysical science and one that is too vast and too broad to cover here.  I am intrigued by the Zodiac and the symbolism and meanings associated with it.

As someone intrigued with the vastness of our universe and who enjoys stargazing, the constellations of the zodiac were my indoctrination to the topic.  Each of the signs has many symbols associated with it as well as an elemental association.  There are certain qualities of personality also associated with the different signs of the zodiac that I find fascinating and often ring true!  Those horoscopes based on your astrological sign are always amusing and food for thought!

To me, the signs of the Zodiac, like so many things in our universe, speak to the commonalities we all share.  There is a constant yet there is also constant change.  The astrological calendar is cyclical, just like life.  It is representative of the whole being greater than the sum of it's parts.  We all fall under certain signs, yet it takes all the signs to make us one, and then it repeats.  There are no limits to our energy or the time:space continuum.

That old pick up line of "What's your sign, baby?" carries a significant amount of information!  Perhaps that really should be a valid point of discussion when engaging in new relationships.  There is much to be learned about ourselves, others and the Universe at large.

In case you were wondering, I'm a Virgo.  Surprised?  :-)

What's your sign?

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