Saturday, May 11, 2013

Metaphysical A to Z: V is for veil

No, not a bridal veil, but what a lovely analogy that provides!

Many refer to the veil in metaphysics as that invisible barrier between life and death.  The dance our soul does between the earthly realm and the spiritual realm.

A bride wears a veil to 'hide' from her husband to be.  Symbolically lifting the veil is revealing her for all that she is.

The lifting of the metaphysical veil is allowing us to see into the other side.  It reveals to us a wealth of information about who we are and from whence we came.  It often enables us to mingle with spirit, love and light.  It reveals something that before was not known to us.

It's really just an awareness of things beyond our physical experience.  It ties in to many of the topics I've already written about.  It's about seeing, feeling and knowing about the energy in and around you. For some, it's that moment of awakening or the a-ha moment when they realize they are truly spiritual beings.  For others, it's the moment they truly embrace and honor their intuition and/or truth.  Perhaps it's the moment they realize they can communicate with those on the other side or deliver message.

Many believe the veil is lifted or 'thinner' at times of the equinox and solstice.  Yoga and meditation can often bring about an awareness of the veil and what is on the other side. Some people believe it's often lifted as we approach the end of life ourselves or when we are around those who are actively dying.  People who have out of body and near death experiences often talk about the veil, the light and the awareness on a purely energetic and knowing level of something bigger and more beautiful than ourselves.  Some are able to get a glimpse of the other side or even take a short journey there while still firmly rooted here on earth. Others may only see the veil and what's on the other side at their time of transition or death.

Simply put, the veil is the invisible layer or space between Heaven and earth. Like a fog that changes in transparency. It is that space through which we must travel to get from the physical to the purely energetic and spiritual.  For some, it's a peaceful and loving transition literally flown to and through with glee.  For others, it may be more of a difficult journey to commit to go through it and on to the next place.  I do believe that once any inner conflict they have is resolved, everyone does in fact fly through the veil and into pure love and light.

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