Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A to Z Challenge: Q is for Quartz

I consider quartz to be a perfect starter crystal.  Sort of like the mama crystal.  It's plentiful, inexpensive, and easy to find.  It comes in many 'flavors' and is a powerful amplifier of energy and healing crystal.  Everyone can benefit from having quartz in their home, their car and on their body!  Quartz is easily 'programmed' with your intention.  It's also very captivating to look at, especially when in the sun!  Quartz works with all chakras, but is probably most associated with the crown chakra and connecting with your higher self and the Divine.

I'm a fan of pocket stones.  A small tumbled quartz is great to keep in your pocket or purse.  Quartz points are lovely for grids, in plants, in your car or for healing work.  Quartz clusters are delightful to look at and bring with them all the properties of quartz.  I often put another stone whose energy I wish to amplify on top of my quartz cluster.  You could also make a simple grid with quartz clusters around a different stone to amplify it's energy.

Rose quartz is the stone of love and peace.  Who can't use that?!  It's abundant and actually mined in New England among other places!  You can use rose quartz to heal, to facilitate self-love and to bring love into your life.  It's pink, of course and a lovely heart chakra stone.  I almost always carry a tumbled rose quartz heart with me.  I have raw pieces in grids around the house, in my garden and at the cemetery at my daughter's 'special place'.  My rose quartz angel sits on my desk reminding me about love from the other side.

Smoky quartz is a wonderful grounding stone.  It's great for root/earth chakra work and meditation.  It's also a great stone for stress, anxiety and depression.  It's also good for those who are undergoing  chemotherapy or radiation when in it's natural form.

Often times, crystals choose you.  Meaning you will probably find yourself drawn to a particular kind, shape, size, color or an individual particular stone.  Trust that intuition and then look up that stone.  Chances are it will make perfect sense to you why you were attracted to it once you know the properties it has from a spiritual and metaphysical standpoint.

There are many other types of quartz and so much more one could write about it. If you are interested in purchasing quartz, it's easy to find at any metaphysical book store or you can order on line.  My favorite on line store is Healing Crystals.  A simple beginner's guide to crystals is The Crystal Bible.

Everyone should have a little quartz in their life!

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